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Colorful light dresses from Thailand.
All collections of dresses in our store are of high quality materials and tailoring.
The range is regularly updated and refreshed.
Sales price 140 руб
Article: A00048 (2)

Manufacturer: Thai fashion, Thailand
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Size: S,M

Prices are wholesale (purchase from manufacturers in Bangkok),
as well as retail prices in Pattaya - Thai Baht for one dress.

You can buy a dress for this directory

Minimum total order dresses at purchasers' prices specified in the catalog - 50,000 baht
(When you order less than this amount can be sold at a premium, depending on the size of the order).

Sample contract you can get pre-by e-mail, presence update in 1-2 days at a specific order.

Minimum total order dresses at retail prices with free delivery to Pattaya - 1,000 Baht
(ask our manager to bring any number of favorite dresses - from which you can choose dresses for purchase in the amount of 1,000 baht).


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