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Coconut oil TROPICANA 250 ml

Oil Tropicana - coconut oil first pressing, made from selected coconut fertile district Khlong Sai Roy on the coast of river Tapi.
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Article: 00001C25

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The oil is cold-pressed - this method was developed at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research in Thailand. Coconut oil have a low moisture content, it is rich in lauric acid and nutrients, ideally maintains its desirable properties. The oil contains no preservatives and flavorings, can be stored for a long time at room temperature, it does not become rancid, and its quality is felt in every drop.

Lauric acid in coconut oil - a fatty acid, similar in structure to the one that is produced by our skin. Has antibacterial properties, contains antioxidants, moisturizes and protects the skin from damage. > It is used as a massage oil for relaxation, making the skin smooth and soft. It is also used after bathing, gives the skin of the face and body of a young appearance, reduces wrinkles, fights with black dots. It is used as a remedy for sunburn and helps with sunburn, protects the skin from dryness. Used as a makeup remover is applied to the skin of the abdomen during pregnancy. Suitable for hair care and scalp, reduces hair loss, is used as a conditioner for damaged and unruly hair.

 At temperatures below 25 ° C coconut oil solidifies under the influence of a saturated fatty acid which does not lose its properties. In the frozen state oil fully preserves all the useful properties. If coconut oil solidifies, it should be:

 Keep it in a closed container, protected from low temperatures.
 If the oil is dimmed and hardened, put it in any capacity and melt with warm water.
 Place the frozen coconut oil in a wide capacity and use on your own - it melts at body temperature.
 If the oil is stored in a bottle with dispenser, simply apply the required amount of oil as a moisturizer.


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